FlowFit is a summer camp program located at:

All In One Sports

5715 Emporium Square

Columbus, OH 43231

All students are welcome to sign up, but space is limited so there may be a waiting list.

The FlowFit Kids Camp is a holistic, comprehensive program designed to empower and guide youth through a variety of activities including dance, soccer, basketball, nutrition, yoga, football, calisthenics, and more.

Our curriculum focuses on the physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological well-being of campers grades 4-12.

Summer hours are Monday through Friday from 1-4pm, and after school hours are 4-8pm. We aim to motivate, encourage, and educate our participants, fostering their overall development and well-being.

We’re excited to announce that most enrollees of the FlowFit Kids Camp will have their participation covered by insurance. For those whose insurance does not provide coverage, we have kept the weekly dues to an affordable $250 per enrollee (discount for siblings). This ensures that every child has the opportunity to benefit from our comprehensive and enriching program.

We believe this investment in your child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological well-being will be invaluable. Your support allows us to continue offering high-quality activities and personalized attention to all campers, making their experience truly exceptional.

The FlowFit Kids Camp is a holistic, comprehensive program whose purpose is to empower and direct youth through dance by motivating, encouraging and educating.  The curriculum focuses on the physical, emotional, intellectual and psychological well-being of our campers.

Our Program:     

  • Aligns with National Education Standards
  • Focuses on the physical, emotional, intellectual and psychological development and well-being through dance.
  • Lessons are aligned with School Districts’ objectives for fine arts. 
  • Provides a fun and easy way for young people to build self-esteem while increasing dance skills.

Program Policies


  • A completed Enrollment Information Form and a signed Parent or Guardian Release Form must be returned to the FlowFit Coordinator to enroll. 
  • Enrollment is limited in our program so there may be a waiting list.
  • Students and parents will be contacted by the Coordinator to let you know if there is a spot for your child in the program.
  • Students are required to wear appropriate attire and shoes in order to participate.  
  • Fees must be paid in full prior to the camp starting for any eligible participants.
  • Participants will not be discriminated against based on race, ethnicity, or disability.



  • If you must leave early or if you do not attend the program, you will need written permission from a parent or guardian. When possible, please give the Coordinator a note BEFORE the day you will miss.  


Rules Policies:

  • Participants are expected to show and display respect and cooperation with all program staff, instructors, volunteers, and students at all times.
  • Arrive On-Time: All students are expected to arrive on time.  You will need a written note from a parent, guardian, or teacher if you are planning on arriving late to the Program.
  • Sign-In / Sign-Out and Announcements: All students are required to sign-in, sign-out, and be present for announcements.  
  • Stay on grounds: Students are not permitted to leave grounds during or before the program.
  • Leave cell phones, CD players, video games, and other electronics stored away: Personal electronics are permitted, but will be stored in a secure location while the program is in session. 



  • Participants are required to stay until the end of the program.
  • If a student has a special circumstance and needs to leave early, a student must bring a note from home and/or receive permission from the After School Program Coordinator.  If your child must be released early on any day, you must notify the camp coordinator in writing.
  • Participants picked up early by a parent or guardian must sign their child out with an after-school program staff member prior to leaving the program.
  • For safety reasons, students may not be picked up from the program by anyone that is not listed on the Enrollment Information Form.



  • Medication will not be administered to a student by any staff member.  This includes headache medication or antibacterial medication for cuts.
  • If a student experiences a minor cut, staff will wash out the wound with soap and water and apply a band-aid.


Parents and Caregivers:

  • Please keep us updated with your current mailing address and phone numbers at all times so that we may contact you as needed
  • We would love for you to visit and volunteer as much as possible and are allowed access to the program at all times.  Please check in with the Coordinator when you visit or if you want to volunteer. Students are not permitted to have guests or visitors unless they are a parent or caregiver. 
  • We encourage parents and caretakers to have an opportunity to talk to the Program Staff.  Please contact the program coordinator and set up an appointment at any time.



  • FlowFit Summer Camp has a discipline policy that gives positive guidance, allows for redirection and sets clear behavior limits. The discipline policy has been designed to assist participants and staff in developing self-control, self-respect, respect for others, and consideration for the rights and property of others.
  • Students that do not follow the above listed requirements and policies may receive a phone call home, suspension from the program, or they may be dropped from the program.


Participant Termination Policy:

  • Participants will forfeit their space in the program for any of the following reasons:
  1. Behavior that threatens physical or emotional safety of others
  2. The expressed written request of a parent or guardian.


*Note: The FlowFit Summer Camp Program Coordinator will notify the parent or caregiver if a student is dropped from the program.